How can i track my production order quantities

Hello Team,

I am running ERPNext in a shoe manufacturing company . There are multiple process involves in finished product e.g (Cutting,Stitching(inside + outsource),Lasting,Packing) . I want to keep track of quantities .

Let say i have a order of 50000 pairs , after 1 week management demands overall report like 10000 pairs are in stitching,10000 are in cutting ,15000 are in lasting etc.

I can define operations for all process but if i do so how can i get report Operation wise .

Note : I am able to track on raw material stock my concern is i want to track my finished product quantity .

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are you able to define intermediates? Which are semi finished products. so when a set of operations are done, that semi finished product is complete (but it’s not a sale item).

Thanks for replying , can you please define steps how can i achieve this ?

Step (1) : Read this :slight_smile:

Step (2) : Watch some videos

Let it sink it :slight_smile: It takes time.

And then come back and ask questions.
Surely you will find your way.