How can I update data of child doctype in Mariadb?

like accounts in customer group

update the child record in Mariadb?

You can easily update the child table record in front of the doctype.
In the provided image, you can enter the company and account details but it’s a root group so cannot be edited.

Thank You!

as you know when create new customer group there is no account entry
but after you can add and update it
but in my case i add the account to customer group for test and now i want to remove it and let them empty

You want to remove accounts from the Group Tree, right?

from child group

Delete option is available, please check it.

but i could not save it
its mandatory

Please check it.

I already used version 15 and we haven’t faced the issue.

I think, please check whether the field is mandatory or not, in the customize form of the customer group.

if mandatory, then remove them and check them.

Thank You!

okey thanks