How can I upload expenses in a batch form?

I have created the employees, find out the correct expense type.

i would like to upload via CSV several expenses.

how can this be achieved?



You can update expense via Journal Entry. You can also create Journal Entry in bulk using Data Import Tool.

Check following link to learn more.

We will allow “Expense Claim” form to be appear in the Data Import Tool. You should be able to mass upload expense claim from there. You can expect the fix in the today’s release.


Thank you for this update.

I can see now the option to download the template, however I see that in case that an expense report contains multiple items how do we link them to the parent Expense Claim.

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Check 4th point in

I just batch imported Expense Claims expecting that they would make journal entries, however the imported expenses are not reflected in the P&L. How can I batch import expenses that automatically hit the P&L? Thank you.