How can I use ERPNext for Garments Production Process?


We have garments production factory where we produce garments. Our process is described below. Please suggest me how can I use ERPNext for solving our production process.

  • Step-1: Buyer order L/C. Make order for yarn to spinning mills. We collect yarn by challan from spinning mills by back to back L/C.

  • Step-2: Make work order for accessories by back to back L/C & collect by challan.

  • Step-3: Create challan & sent yarn to knitting factory for making fabric. Collect fabric by challan from knitting factory.

  • Step-4: Create challan & sent fabric to dyeing factory for coloring fabric. Collect fabric by challan from dyeing factory.

  • Step-5: Dyed fabric goes for production. We don’t need production process system.

  • Step-6: Finished goods sent to buyer which is called shipping.

N:B: All of this process, we don’t have any money transaction. It will be good if we can use this app for our accounts.

Finally we need, Yarn Stock by Buyer/Style/Order No. wise, Knitting Stock by Buyer/Style/Order No. wise. Dyeing Stock by Buyer/Style/Order No. wise & Accessories Stock by Buyer/Style/Order No./Accessories Name wise.

ERPNext has good UI. I really like this app. Please help me to figure out it easily.

Thanks in advance

Below are some thoughts:

  1. Create your Customers,Suppliers,Items,Warehouses in the master set up.

  2. You can create a Sales Order with the L/C as an attachment.

  3. Create BOM(with sub assemblies if needed) against Sales Order. If you are Sub Contracting BOM items you can use Sub Contracting feature.

  4. Create Production Order against BOM for tracking purposes and create appropriate Stock Entries.

  5. You can look at Stock Ledger Report, Items issues against Production Order reports for further details

  6. Accounting can be done based on the valuation set up in the item.