How can one enroll a LMS course and take the quiz

I created a LMS course, add a chapter, a lesson and quiz.
Then login in as a system user with student role. I can see the course, but cannot find a way to enroll the course. Can someone help?

bench 5.16.4
education 0.0.1
erpnext 14.32.1
frappe 14.42.0
lms 1.0.0

Philip Wang

@wangpjy when you click on the course, can you see a Start Learning button? Its meant for users to self-enroll in the course.

when click on the “start learning” button, I am getting error message
Failed to get method for command lms.lms.doctype.lms_batch_membership.lms_batch_membership.create_membership with No module named ‘lms.lms.doctype.lms_batch_membership’

/* version update
education 0.0.1
erpnext 14.36.0
frappe 14.46.0
lms 1.0.0

@wangpjy this issue has been fixed. You can update your site and try again.

Hi @Jannat_Patel,
I am new to erpnext and have never done the update before.
Do I just do the following?
bench --site {mysite} uninstall-app lms --force
delete lms directory under frappe-bench/apps
bench get-app lms
bench --site {mysite} install-app lms

After I did these, I ran “bench start”
I notice the “start learning” button disappeared. and I cannot add lesson.


@wangpjy you don’t need to do all this for an update. Just run the command bench update and it will updates all the apps on your bench.

that is great. thanks.