How can prevent the duplicate IP value entry in a table erpnext

how can prevent the duplicate IP value entry in a table… How to write the script coding for that doctype…

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Please would you give an example to help illustrate the context and specify your reference to IP here.

What example tables do you have in mind?

Here’s a custom script validation example


Thank you for your kind replay sir…
I had trying that code now… But that shout not run properly sir.


To show your use case a screenshot, message or error traceback would be ideal, thanks!

Here i want ip prevention with non repeated validation on the bottom of Biometric IP table… Here Biometric IP is the child table of Store table… Then how to write the code for this validation

Do you mean to say values in “Biometric Device IP” column in the child table should be unique?

yes correct… but thats not supported to set as unique

just enter the field properties and make it unique… it is working fine

wooow… Correct i got unique valu… Thank you.