How can we apply multiple conditions in the calculation of Professional Tax?

I want to apply multiple conditions while calculating professional tax. I tried but it does not calculate correctly, it only takes the first value of the condition. Please anyone tell me how it can be calculated?
Screenshot from 2022-09-09 17-47-16

Have to tried using Income Tax Slab ?

Yes tried it. It is deducted tax only in percent, but I want deduction in a specific amount

Hi @Jignasa_Chavda

If you don’t want to use the Tax slab… then the easiest way is to define each of this slab as separate salary Components and put the specific amount in the amount field.

Select the appropriate tax components based on the employee salary

I think you should mention formula like:

80 if 6000 < base =< 8999 else
150 if 9000 =< base =< 11999 else
200 if base >= 12000 else

It’s working fine.
Ref : Salary Structure Multiple Condition - #7 by bernealmazan