How can we get "Party Balance" on screens of sales/purchase order, sales/purchase invoice

Team ERPNext;
I can see a similar question was asked on this same thing back in 2017 by someone,
Let me explain the issue in detail and i’m hopeful someone might have done this before and they can help me as well.

We can see on the screen of “New Payment Party” as we select the “Party Name” we get the “party balance” in the account section of that form.
This is very important as when making an entry user can know whats the status of account of that particular party.

This should be on all other screens as well, as we select the customer supplier on sales or purchase screen we should have this info in read only format as well just the balance of that particular customer and supplier.

I have tried to replicated whats on the screen of payment entry on other screens but I can’t, could be my lack of understanding of the designing but I can’t find a help either.

Question to Team ERPNext: This is very important for order tacker or invoice maker, I’m not sure why isn’t this done before although I have seen a similar question asked back in 2017.

To the users of ERPNext can someone help me achieve this as its basic requirement for the users I work with and it should be all as well, how could this not be in this great product. I loved this product since I started working on it just over a week ago.