How can we integrate QR code to track inventory at every step of production?


is it possible to integrate QR code to track inventory at every step so that admin / HOD knows where the material is?

for example, 1 lot has 10 shirts, we take fabric(material) for 10 shirts from one vendor, then send this for coloring(dying) to another vendor, then to stitching to another vendor, then for buttoning to another vendor, then to ironing to another vendor. every vendor receive the same lot and its very hard to track where the material is. we have to call and follow up every vendor to know where the lot is.

I was thinking, if we can integrate QR code with erpnext, we will paste that qr code on the bag which contains the lot. whoever receives the lot, will scan the qr code and that lot will be displayed in erpnext that it is received by this vendor. so vendors dont have to enter data and all laborer are used to scanning the qr code.

any help is appreciated.!

Thanks and cheers!

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Yes, this can be done, but it needs some customization work to get it implemented properly.