How can we rate service providers?

how erpnext doesn’t offer any rating for partners
now in my case i work with partner called xxxxxxxx with owner xxxxxx in egypt
it’s a bad company , his target take money and no service and bad training, no support
sold us modules like hr before get money all things in HR after get money ask how can do that in HR it will develop and must wait 6 months
bad history with this company for 18 months and final nothing running and he get all his money and run away
he get 7500$ from my company and get nothing
however after he cheated us ask another company but really good company in 5-6 months erp system was running in my company
if erpnext need sent them all documents and all emails with xxxxx company and with owner xxxxxxx which proves my words
send me message or email on company mail

@Vega1000 sorry to hear about your experience. Some quick comments:

  1. We have covered the name of the service provider, since someone needs to hear both sides of the story, so it would not be fair to leave an allegation on the forum.
  2. We concede you have a point in terms of service provider quality, and we have faced other complaints too.
  3. We will add a disclaimer that service providers are not verified and users are independently requested to verify
  4. We are also starting a Certification Program that will hopefully address this in the medium term.

Hope this helps. Happy to hear from the community on what we can do in such cases.


I have had unsatisfying experiences with ERPNext customization. Those experiences have given me a better understanding for selecting a Service Provider.

I am not sure if the community will be open to a Service Provider rating, but someone should probably write an article on ‘How to select the right service provider’, here is my bit:

  • Start with your requirement:

    • Start small, look at incremental deployment
    • Don’t begin with customization if you are still implementing
  • Selecting Service provider:

    • Check if the Service Provider has experience in the specific domain (e.g HR, Manufacturing)
    • Look at github repo, check their PR history, if their contributions have been accepted, they are likely to have good developers
    • If possible talk to the company’s past customers, you can often learn from their experiences. I have found most people willing to share their experience.

what i need don’t open community to rate service providers but do form can send to erpnext like my case to see it and if u found me true u can take any action to providers like remove his company name from ur website that’s will be it’s not trusted providers
however i who paid money and has copied for cheques i sure money not back but i try to protect next clients

he is service provider in egypt

this is good suggestion, eventhought i am service provider but i totally agree with you because service providers effects on ERPnext reputation
i hope to see more reaction on this post