How can we Reconcile POS-Invoices against 'Advance Payments'

By default the reconciliation is registered as new payments made by the customer - however we have pre-paid customer accounts, against which customers make the POS purchases.
How can we Reconcile POS-Invoices against the respective customer ‘Advance Payments’, while closing the POS - in case customisation is needed, requesting guidance on how do we approach the customisation.
Any help here will be highly appreciated.

okay the option to reconcile POS-Invoices against ‘Advance Payments’ is available in ‘POS Awesome’, but not in the built-in POS…

however, POS Awesome is not yet available in stable version for ERPNext-14.
I had to reinstall ERPNext-13 to test this feature with POS Awesome.
Hope that POS Awesome for ERPNext-14 is released sooon!