How can you add standard values to fields in ERPNext?

I am still working my way through the manual. So maybe this can be answered with a simple link:

When Iam testing ERPNext with sample data, I often think „This fieldshould be filled with a standard value.“ But I have not found how to create such repopulated values.

  • Can a time booking on a project from user A contain his hourly rate for customers and the internal costs from his profile?
  • Can an offer contain a standard print header and terms and tax and payment rules?

How do you configure this?

@Martin_Seibert you can define using customize form, the easy option is define an default for each field you want against each doctype.

Each Print Format, have the option to be defined as standard, if you are into the visual editor, just click into the “View Properties” and after that, “Set as default”.


Extending what max says,

in case you wish to save these changes, then I recommend you add ‘Property Setter’ to fixtures in your custom app’s like this:-

fixtures = ['Report', 'Role Profile', 'Role', 'Custom Field', 'Custom Script', 'Property Setter', 'Workflow', 'Workflow State', 'Workflow Action']

This will export those changes in JSON format, and you’ll not have a problem in setting up a new instance.

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