How change localization

I am starting the evaluation process of ERPNext, and the spanish localization is not quite suitable for latinamerica spanish. I would like to change the localization texts to addapt it to this region. How can I do that?


Victor Espina

We have built a portal for this Not Found

What is the language settings for Latin America Spanish - we will add it there.

It seems there is no specific localization code for Latinamerican Spanish. There is an specific code for each country, like ES-cl for Chile or ES-ve for Venezuela. Some sites like Facebook uses ES-la for Latin Spanish, but is not official.

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I think lets stick with official ones. Should we wait for Spanish translations to be verified so that we can start with better defaults.

Just keep in mind that the spanish over here can be very different from the one from Spain, specially for business. :slight_smile:

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The link has been disabled:

Where can I help with Spanish translation? There’s a word on a menu translated to Latin American Spanish that in “Spain Spanish” means something completly different. It’s very confusing specially for noobies on erpnext. I’m talkin about “Cotización” in stead of “Presupuesto” or “Oferta de venta”. I found some minor errors too.



@adriancuervo @Victor_Espina

Please check

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Thanks! I’ve edited an verified most of the sentences.

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Good work. Thanks from the community. :slight_smile:

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