How change style for button?

Hi! Help me please!

I need to change colour for the button, How is better to do this?

With CSS or JS ?

Can I add some option on from-end maybe?

By default is grey, I want it to be green

Can I use maybe not type “button” - use HTML

and create my new button os is bed idea?

I test this case but my custom script stop working on click event if I change button type to HTML

I just want to change default grey to green.

Hi @Dev_Erpnext_User

Use css,

  1. Make your custom app

  2. Make css file and add code for button

  3. Link the css file to the application using your custom app’s file (set css file path to web_include_css)
    web_include_css = "assets/your_app/css/website.css"

I don’t understand how to change only one button style?

As I know if I change stile for button class in CSS - all my custom button will be green.

I don’t see some ID for button in source

Maybe I can change colour from JS?

I try this: = ‘rgb(255,165,0)’
But not works

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