How could i install/upgrade to ERPNext Version 8

Dear all,

The question as subject :slight_smile:
how could i install or upgrade to ERPNext v8 ?

Thank you.

ERPNext 8 is not yet officially released…wait for some more days…

great, thanks @hereabdulla

is there an eta on this we have to deploy and would like to use some of the new features?

It was said it would released on 30th March. But I guess better that they wait till its ready.


that’s good to hear, can’t wait :slight_smile:

pulled update today, and i can see as below,
Installed Apps

ERPNext: v8.0.0-beta (develop)

Frappe Framework: v8.0.0-beta (develop)

that’s awesome!

On the Develop branch you could access and test vers 8 beta for a few weeks. What we are waiting for is when this branch with all the new developments and features is merged into the ‘Master’ branch which is the production main version which will happen at some point today. So in actual fact your vers8.0 Develop should be virtually identical to vers 8 Master at the moment as the two branches will be the same for a short time.

For example this pull just a minute or so ago includes all the translations and results in

‘Showing 62 changed files with 29,242 additions and 21,163 deletions.’ from the entry in Github.

thats the chnages in the translation sfor the new version compared to the older 7.31 version