How could i know that my server on local machine have access to internet?

how could i know that my server on local machine have access to internet ? to upload my backup to dropbox

You’ll have to go to your terminal window, and ping any website.

For example: ping

If you’re connected, your ping will return the appropriate results, else it’ll give you an error.

thnx for your help… but if you could help when i let erpnext access to dropbox i get messsage that must enter dropbox key in site config …where i could do that


where excatly if found this step please could you help me

Step 4: After the app is created, note the app key and app secret and enter in sites/{sitename}/site_config.json as follows,

“db_name”: “demo”,
“db_password”: “DZ1Idd55xJ9qvkHvUH”,
“dropbox_access_key”: “ACCESSKEY”,
“dropbox_secret_key”: “SECRECTKEY”

how to log to this file


Those values are examples, you need to enter the correct values in the file:

 /home/{username where frappe is installed}/frappe-bench/sites/site1.local/site_config.json

could you show me the steps in terminal


Although IMO, you shouldn’t be messing around on terminal if you don’t know how to use it.

i appreciate your help…but really face some errors,As i setup erpnext on virtual box and i want to take backup from and restore this backup on local machine but i face errors and server goes down.