How could i run bench start in backend

when i run bench start , the output just printed into my terminal and command line has been suspended ,i couldn’t input anymore .how could i run start command in silence ? is there something wrong with my installation or it’s just designed like this.

and another point is the runtime log didn’t write into logs/bench.log, there has just two lines like this.
2020-05-07 15:55:50,087 INFO Getting app erpnext
2020-05-07 16:08:43,097 INFO installing erpnext

anyone can help me ,thanks!

Here’s from my side notes list:

bench setup nginx, sudo service nginx reload, sudo bench setup production [username]

This way you setup Nginx to serve, and make bench compile, cache and serve the site.

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bench start is used only for development. By setting up production mode, your frappe processes will persist in the background, even automatically start on server reboots.


after i try to set up as you said and use sudo supervisorctl stop/start all to start or stop, it seems worked well.

thanks, you are right after i set up to production mode, it’s work.

If for some reason you just really want to hide a running server process in a development environment you can use:


[1]+  Stopped                 bench start

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