How create / See a report where can I see my margin between the Sales - Sales Partner Commission - Manufacturing cost?

Hello all,

I use ErpNext to manage my purchase, stock, and manufacturing cost from BOM + Subcontractor cost.
Now I will record my sales from marketplaces and from my personal eCommerce store in Sales Orders.

I want to see/have a report by item group or by sales where I can see my revenue margin = Sales Price (Without tax) - Sales partner commission - Manufacturing cost (FIFO rules)?

This kind of report is it already exist? Else, how can I create this report?

- Solution maybe 1 : Accounting → Gross Profit Report
It’s kind of what I’m looking for, but the Sales Partner Commission is not compatibilized in this report.

Question 1: Maybe I have to put the marketplace cost in charges and not in Sales Partner Commission to be compatibilized directly in the gross profit report?

Question 2: How can I have the sum of the margin from FIFO rules?
Because currently for different sales of the same product, the price calculated for all lines is the same as the last sales invoice and not from FIFO rules. I really need FIFO calculation, because we don’t have the same cost for the same product, it depends of the purchase RAW materials + transport + manufacturing cost.

Thank you very much