How define defaults for a certain user only?

Currently, I’m working in a app for service subscription management, and recurrence billing, in my case I’ll have:

Provider - Company that offers a service
Subscriber - Customer that have a subscription
Subscription - One or more active billing plans to a customer

My issue is: One user by the default plan, should have only one Provider, what I need is:
I need use this first provider created by the user, to be the default provider in all documents that have a relation with the Provider.

It’s something like the Company in ERPNext.

How I can do that?

I am also looking for a way to manage subscriptions in ERPNext. Have you figured out a solution yet?

Yes I have it almost done

I am very interested to know how you set it up. Are you willing to share it with us?

Greetings JJ

@Jan_Joost_de_Vries I have made I small video explaining how to setup billing plans, - YouTube, currently I’m fixing some issues in the billing engine, by the next weeks I have this phase done, and I’ll prepare a full video, about the feature working from CRM to Billing.

By now, my apologizes because the audio is in pt-BR, but it is only an explanatory and internal video.

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Hi Max, Thanks for your reply. My pt-BR is nonexistent so it’s a bit hard to follow. Did you customize the app for this use case or is it just a matter of configuration?

Greetings Jan Joost

@Jan_Joost_de_Vries, this is a customized app for that case!