How do add modules and doctypes

Hello, can anyone tell me how can we add modules and doctype by code? like i do not want to add them by UI rather than by code. i have tried several ways but it keep giving me errors.

Hi @Madhav,

Code look like

doctype = frappe.get_doc({
    "doctype": "DocType",
    "module": "New Module",  # The module where you want to add the DocType
    "name": "Your DocType",
    "is_submittable": 1,
    "fields": [
            "fieldname": "field_1",
            "fieldtype": "Data",
            "label": "Field 1"
        # Add more fields as needed
    "permissions": [
            "role": "System Manager",
            "read": 1,
            "write": 1
        # Add more permissions as needed

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

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