How do I accept credit card sales?

I am setting up ERPNEXT to use for my distribution business. I do not have an online store now. I get my orders by mail, email, fax and phone calls. With my current ERP I accept credit cards and store the no.s and other info in the customer contact file. When they make a purchase I manually enter the info into a Credit card reader which gives me the authorization no. to enter into the ERP to finalize the transaction.
As I start to import my customer data from the old ERP I can not find where to store this information. If I were to keep doing things the same way where would I safely store this information? Or what is the ERPNEXT way? Thank you

You’ll have to be very careful when storing Credit Card details in any system. What’s your current PCI DSS status? You could look at using a bank services to store card with them and replace them with tokens.

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