How do I access an ERPNext installation running on Virtual Box?

I have installed ERPNext on an Ubuntu VM using Frappe Docker single server setup. It works from within the VM and I am able to access it as mysite.localhost. Now I need to access it from outside the VM from Windows. I have the network set as NAT and port forwarded port 80 on my guest machine to port 8000 on the host (Windows). But it does not work. I’ve tried using a bridged adapter and the hostname as well and it does not work as well

If you set up VBox using bridged networking instead of NAT, then you will be able to access the guest OS on it’s assigned IP address

Hey! Thanks for responding. I managed to get it working on NAT with port forwarding using the no proxy override and setting the windows hosts file.

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Could you please explain in detail so that others could benefit from your solution
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Follow the Single Server Example from Frappe Docker. Do not use Traefik. Override the no proxy file in addition to the other ones shown. Set up port forwarding to Windows using NAT (Port 8080 for the no proxy override). Set up a hosts file in both Windows and your VM pointing to your site