How do I add a custom form field for Sales Invoices?

I’ve tried using the steps mentioned here:
And it worked for customers (the form field I added appeared). But it did not work for sales invoices. I see the field I added in Customization but not anywhere in the actual add sales invoice form

Hi @zeeeeeeeero,

If you add the custom field via the Customization form then does not appear in the doctype. If you add the field in doctype then will show in the Customization form. If you add a custom field in the base doctype then I will share the suggestion that please don’t add a field directly into the doctype.

Thank You!

I am doing it from the Customization Form. I am adding it as a field. Why does it not show up in the form after saving it?

The same steps worked for Customer

This is a custom field I added for Customer. I want it to show up like this for sales invoice

Please check whether the section appears or not, in which you added field 207.

Otherwise create a new field below customer and then reload and check it.

Okay it worked once I moved it to another section