How do I add another domain to an existing docker site?

Trying to figure out how to pull off the typical bench setup add-domain domain —site <site-name>.

I’m getting a 404 error on the extra domain after doing the following:

  • added the domain to site config
  • added the extra domain to erpnext-one.env (SITES=``, ``)
  • generated a new erpnext-one.yaml
  • compose up

my site config:

 "db_name": "_name",
 "db_password": "db_password",
 "db_type": "mariadb",
 "domains": [
 "encryption_key": "encryption_key",
 "user_type_doctype_limit": {
  "employee_self_service": 30

yes i’m also trying to setup this i don’t know is it the problem in docker or standalone setup also, will post once confirmed

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What else have you tried so far?