How do I add categories to Module Def?

Not sure I’m asking this the right way, but I’m trying to add categories to my custom app’s module def. Right now I can only select setup. How do I add customer categories?
Here’s a screenshot of my app:

As a reference here’s the Stock application, which has several categories.

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@tmatteson you need add a in your app config, for references check


Perfect! Obrigado! Eu morava em Salvador por un poco tiempo em 2006. Vamos falar em Portuguese em la futura…

@tmatteson Muito bom saber!

I did this but when clicking the sidebar menu link it says the new module was not found.
How to do that?
This is what I did:

  • Make new module in Module Def. lets call it NewModule
  • Create new file called
  • create a folder, name it NewModule.
  • create folder named doctype inside the NewModule folder.
  • add NewModule text in modules.txt

But still got popup saying Module NewModule not found.

  • I even copy a folder from other module to the doctype folder in NewModule.

Please suggest.
Thank you

@rahy Is this for an existing app? You cannot create a new app from the UI, it must be done from the command line, which is what it sounds like you’re trying to do.

@tmatteson Yes for existing app.
Can you please guide how to do with the command line?

Edit: sorry it is not for new app. I just want to add a module section in the sidebar. Containing existing ERPNext doctypes.

you got any solution ?

For what problem? Some screen shots would help illustrate what you’re trying to achieve.

I did everything but I could not add it to the main screen. I need help immidently… :frowning: