How do I add Invoice Items or Quotation Items with Headings & Extra Info

Greetings All.

Can someone assist if the above screenshot is possible in ERPNEXT. You assistance and insight is greatly appreciated.


I am also looking this kind of Quotation page , any idea how we can create .
Have you achieved this kind of quotations


Can you show what info\data should go into Section 1 Heading and Smaller Heading ?
Normally the Item would show item code and description.

Headings Sir, like Accessories, then subheading like Miscellaneous then we list the items with item code from the system. Iā€™m surprised how difficult it is to accomplish in ERPNEXT

Question could be rephrased as: How do we insert non-product items/extra information in Quotations and Invoices like attached image?

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You would need custom print format for your doctypes and case scenario.

Try This How To >

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