How do I add new icon to workspace for custom app?

I added a new custom app to the sidebar, but can’t figure out how to add new icon to it. Does erpnext use feather icons? Because the icons look like feather icons but won’t work with their names.

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The funny thing (aside from this reply being the first reply in 2.5 months since you posted it) is that if you inspect the icons that are working…


and use the name of that icon that is working… “crm” in this case…


it still will not show an icon for your module.

Here you see I have “crm” set as the icon… but still nothing:


A few other posts like this on the forum. No clear answer that I’ve found.

Btw, for my app I am trying to use “book” icon…


Nothing displays.

I’ve encountered this issue also.

From what I can tell, the available icons are hard-coded in this SVG file:


So you cannot use any Feather icon. You can only use icons defined in this file.

The “book” icon is not one of them.


Yes it looks like my “crm” test worked too (it’s in the .svg list you mentioned). So there must be some cache or delay in displaying the icon. I wonder how to flush the cache. I’ve tried bench restart, but that didn’t do it.

Of the 3 apps I’m working with, 2 are displayed, but 1 is mysteriously not.
If I figure this out, or how to refresh any caching, I’ll reply back in this thread.

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Try this… worked for me:

bench --site sitename clear-cache

Now if only we could add additional icons to


You can add any svg path with

<svg> <symbol viewBox="0 0 x y"  xmlns="" id="icon-name"><path></path> </symbol>   </svg> parent tags.

Run bench build and clear-cache commands. Hard Refresh your browser.

Assign the new icon to a module using Customise Workbench feature.

Hope this helps someone.

This is for custome icons.


Just want to add to what @imbra mentioned. That PR was closed but the code was used in this one: feat: Add custom icons with the `app_include_icons` hook by cogk · Pull Request #22254 · frappe/frappe · GitHub
which did get merged for v15 release.

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