How do I apply my product prices taking into account my last cost? In an automated way

Hi, I’ve been using ErpNext for a week and with what I’ve tried I really like its great functionality and simplicity, my current system is Sage 50 and the reason we want to move is because it does not have a point of sale and does not manage several wineries in the 2014 version and, above all, we seek innovation against cost.

Erpnext In agreement with the present and the future of our company, apparently, one of my main doubts was how I add the amount of the cost to my products, since I could not find the field, supporting me with the official support that they indicated to me. . that the field is shown as “Rate of valuation”.

I would like to know how I could apply the prices of my products according to the latest acquisition “cost” of products + the profit margin.

I add caturas to illustrate my need.

This would be where I would filter my products in a massive way according to cost, type, etc.

The following image shows the products that are applied in my filter. To which I would update the price.

and you can also see that I can apply the prices for the list price 1, 2, 3 and each price is based on the last cost plus the percentage, since it could also be based on the current price, plus a percentage or simply add up to the last cost the desired amount.

I have been looking for days to do it correctly, to be honest, I discovered many processes that for me seemed complex to implement and here in ErpNext are available. It has many functions, I want to think that this feature is available here, and I just do not use it correctly or I do not find it. Since it is so necessary in the resale of products of any company. The price according to the cost of the product. As you can see at this moment, it is a very manual, and you should consider my cost compared to what I sell.
I need something more automatic. I need the system to take into account the acquisition costs, add a profit margin and do it massively by group or by type of product.

I hope to make myself understood, my English is not good.

I look forward to your kind response