How do I change the default Unit of Measure?

Yes this should be easy, but it isnt. I’m talking about entering a new Item where in the quick menu it asks for Default unit of Measure but it self defaults to NOS when i want this to say Units.

ie here

But I cant see how to do this. If I chosee customise UoM, there is no default record and if I look up the help it refers to Master data but this menu has changed and I can’;t find it now.

I even removed all the transactions featuring ‘Nos’ and deleted the item from the UoM list and still it comes back !

Any ideas?

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Stock-> Stock Settings

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I think I tried that but will do so again. It seems this field isnt the sameas teh one you get on the quick popup for a new item though

well blow me. You’re a star ! many thanks indeed :wink: