How do I change the email FROM field from "Notification" to the account name


I’ve been trying to set up some email accounts to setup the support module and every time a mail is sent to the customer it appears like

Notification "

or if I send emails from a quotation the recipient sees it as

Notification “

If I uncheck the option

“Always use Account’s Email ID as Sender”

Then the mails are sent as

Name Surname “

which I don’t want to happen since I don’t want personal addresses exposed. Is there a setting I’m missing to change the default sender name from “Notification”?

Thanks again for the help.

To add up to my question I tracked the issue down to the following line of code in
which is responsible of setting the “Notification” word as the From field in the email

if not self.sender or cint(self.outgoing_email_account.always_use_account_email_id_as_sender):
    self.sender = formataddr([ or "Notification", self.outgoing_email_account.email_id])

Because the is empty in these cases for some reason, the default word “Notification” is used.
What I did to alter the behaviour so it would use the email account name instead
was change the code as follows:

near line 173

self.sender = formataddr([ or self.outgoing_email_account.email_account_name, self.outgoing_email_account.email_id])

near line 206

self.outgoing_email_account = frappe.db.get_value("Email Account",
    {"append_to": self.reference_doctype, "enable_outgoing": 1},
    ["email_id", "always_use_account_email_id_as_sender", "email_account_name"], as_dict=True)

near line 215

self.outgoing_email_account = frappe.db.get_value("Email Account",
    {"default_outgoing": 1, "enable_outgoing": 1},
    ["email_id", "always_use_account_email_id_as_sender", "email_account_name"], as_dict=True) or frappe._dict()

However this is a workaround working in my case so I’d still like to know if this could be altered somewhere else to work better because I really haven’t found any option to change this behavior in ERPNext.

Any help is appreciated.

Facing the same. Any hope @rushabh_mehta

Thanks will fix this.

Any news about this? I still get exposed personal email addresses and I have no clue how to work around this after the latest updates in

How long it will take?