How do i completely remove or uninstall erpnext from my ubuntu server

Hi guys

I have erpnext installed in my server using easy install script but now i wanna practice installing manually. Can anyone tell me the right step to uninstall erpnext? Also mariadb frappe and i guess frappe user too? Please comment below If i forgot something

What about supervisor

Here are some things you’ll need to remove (probably I’ll miss something :wink:).
Actually ERPNext is not very interwined with the system.

  1. Remove the nginx config file in /etc/nginx/config and restart nginx server.

  2. [optional]: remove ssl certificates (if lets encrypt in /etc/letsencrypt/live

  3. bench drop-site #your-site#
    When you installed from easy-install script you’ll only have one site anyway. This command removes the database from MariaDB

  4. rm -rf #your bench#
    This removes the bench including backups and logs of your installation.

  5. probably need to unregister from supervisor. please search the forum for that.

That’s should be all to be done.

Should i also uninstall mariadb?

No need, you’ll need it later anyway.
All dependencies are already installed what you now need to do is just to create a bench with

bench init #you bench name#

Then create one or more sites in this new bench with

bench new-site #your site#
Bench --site #your site# install-app erpnext
Bench setup nginx
(Place a symbolic link with ln -s into the /etc/nginx/config folder that points to the nginx filne in your newly created bench (#your bench path#/config/nginx.conf)

And you’re good to go
Maybe install letsencrypt certs with a bench command (please look it up) and you have a running production server.

You can make it easily multi-tenant with a bench setup command and install as many sites as you CPU and memory allow :grin:

The thing is i want to install everything again as if the system was new. I want to experience how hard it is to actually install all of it manually.

I have uninstalled mariadb deleted user and removed supervisor. Didnt really delete nginx as i am not sure how to and im scared.

I tried doing bench command to test if bench is still alive but it said something about distribution not found. I was expecting something like this is an unknown command. Does anyome know what this error mean and how to completely remove this kind of error.

what was the exact output?


What was your command call?