How do i contribute in adding a Bahasa Indonesia support docs user manual:

Hi would like to contribute… who should I contact ?

You can go to

@Mario_Gandha in what format you have the documentation available?

The current ERPNext documentation is a frappe app with the pages being generated from individual markdown (md) files.


Hi @rahy i was leaning more to the documentation as suppose to in app localization. Thanks i think the next post had it answered…

I think we have decided to host in externally but will allow share it in the forum for anyone who wants to take all or some of the content. Cause we want to put very specific Indonesian tax and best practices on it too which is very subjective to the types of projects. It is not general to all erpnext implementations.

Oh my bad… I thought you meant for the app.

For which version are you planning to translate? v13?
I had started doing this for v12, but have not gone far yet. The most work will be making the screenshots specifically in ID language.