How do I customise the pages of existing doctype in ERPNEXT?

I wanted to customise the web view page of POS Invoice through a custom app . How do i make this changes , what is the file structure format for this and how do i do it through a custom app without changing the existing code. ?

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I also facing the same issue.

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Hi @ric_sanchez and @mahmud,

If you want to change how a page looks and works, check out this great example app: GitHub - yrestom/POS-Awesome: POS Awesome is an open-source Point of Sale for Erpnext using Vue.js and Vuetify.

This app changes the basic functions of ERPNext. We may not know much about it, but you can take a look and figure things out.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

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thank you bro . will give it a go.