How do i disable a field that i dont need in a doctype?

How do i disable or possibly delete a field that i don’t need in a doc-type?
Example: On Employee doc-type, i want to remove some fields that my company doesn’t need.

If you go into Customize Form and search for employee, you’ll see that in each row you have a check box ‘Hidden’. By clicking it, the field won’t appear anymore.
If that doesn’t work (don’t know on which version you’re running), you’ll need to write a little js on ‘refresh’ and hide each field manually and potentionnaly removes the mandatory with :
frm.set_df_property('items', 'reqd', 0); and Show/hide fields dynamically
Be careful if you remove mandatory field, they might be used in other document!

Better to hide the fields that are not needed than deleting. You will not have upgrading issues by hiding but deleting will cause problems.

Hello @emmakezie ,

As suggested by @Muzzy, it is better to hide a field. To do so, go to Customize Form > Select the DocType. Expand the row of the field you wish to hide. And click on the “Hidden” checkbox as shown below.

Thank you,very clear now

Thank you. I have done that. It worked

Thank you. I did the hiding and it worked