How do I "Disable" UOM's in the OUM List? (V13beta)

I was starting to add Items to my new system and when it came to UOM there were 239 different UOM’s to choose from!!!

Of course the one I wanted “Each” didn’t exist! But I had to search through 239 listed ones to figure that out.

Having 239 UOM’s is about 235 more than I will ever need. When I turn this task over to the admin assistant to start adding Items I am afraid she will just give up and leave everything as the default “Nos”

How can I “Disable” individual UOM’s so they do not clutter up the system when I am trying to actually use them?

Thank you in advance for any help here.


There’s no “Disable” button for the UOM DocType.
I’ve just been deleting all the ones I don’t use.

Well, I guess that is better than no option at all.



I’ve been deleting all the Currencies as well, although they do have a Disable option.

Hahaha… Oh that was fun!

I tried to delete the ones I didn’t want only to find that they cannot be deleted until you also go delete 235 of another doc type: UOM Conversion Factor settings that also already exist.

Who knew that it came with all of these predefined settings. :exploding_head:


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One (wished) option is to tie UOM with domain. My retail users don’t need to see the ppm, tesla, gauss, etc. :slight_smile:

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