How do I edit Profit & Loss statement role permissions?

I am attempting to setup a v13.11 production system to allow for POS sales as well as an outside sales force.

In order for the sales person to be able to close a sale and accept payment, the need to have the following roles:

  • Accounts User
  • Sales User
  • Stock User

While this makes perfect sense, it also allows the sales person (or anyone with Account User role) to see the company Profit and Loss information.

I stumbled across this while logged in as a sales person (with only the above 3 roles) and then I clicked on “Accounting” from the menu in the left column of the screen.

To my surprise and horror, the dashboard for Accounting promptly displayed the profit and loss chart complete with the YTD numbers.

This is NOT information that should be available to the cashier or sales person.

How do I alter the role permission for profit and loss to eliminate the “Account User” role and only allow it for the “Account Manager” role?

When I go to the Role Permissions manager, there is no document type for Profit & Loss statement to select and alter.

When I go to the profit and loss statement and select “Edit” form the menu, it lists the roles with access. When I try to select the Account User role to delete it, I get the following:


The pop-up screen does not allow for deleting the Account User roll. In fact it doesn’t really do much of anything except allow you to ESC from it.

What am I missing here? It acts the same even as Administrator User!

How can I remove the Account User role from the profit and loss statement?

BKM :worried:

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Select Accounts user in from list and the delete it and check if it solves the issue

Note: Make Sure Developer Mode is on

Developer Mode?!?

Why should I have to become a developer in order to do something this simple?


Uncheck all rights in the GL Entry in Role Account User from the Role Permission and then they will not be able to see Financial Statements.

But will that then prevent the user from being able to make sales because the customer account cannot be updated?


They still have right to Accounts.GL entry in that Account User Role is tied to accounts report

I’ve solved this creating a new role and giving all “Role Permissions Manager” specifically needed to create payments. Or you could add permissions only needed to “Sales User”.

Fred, this appears to have worked. Are there any other special changes you have made to your production system so that nosy cashiers cannot do any harm?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (and yes I am using POS Awesome)


This one is a bit confusing…

So you created a new role like maybe “Account Sales” and gave it only what was necessary to make sales?

Did you then apply this new role to the cashiers instead of the “Account User” role as I had previously done?

Let me know if I am understanding this correctly.


Have you checked the " Role Permission for Page and Report" ? I believe you can disable the account user role for the p& l statement from there.

Have you checked the " Role Permission for Page and Report" ? I believe you can disable the account user role for the p& l statement from there.

Yes, I did look there first. The list is long and I did not find the P&L statement in there. I guess it could be possible that it goes by another name, but I was looking for the obvious.


When you open the " Role Permission for Page and Report" (Not the “role permission manager”), you can see two selection for page and report. Select report and search for profit and loss statement. Its working.

I did not see it in the list of pages.


:rofl: (penguin slaps forehead)

Okay… I see I was looking for it in the list of pages and not in the list of reports.

Yup… I missed it! Thank you @Saumyaseelan_Pv


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Its a report. Not a page.

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Thank you everyone!

While all of your suggestions would likely solve my problem, I went with the one from @Fred1 because it was simple, fast, and it appears to also prevent all other financial statement docs from being viewed by the cashiers.

However, while I took the fast way out for now, I actually believe the suggestion by @Francisco_Buendia may ultimately be the “best” approach becasue it doesn’t affect the Account User role as it may be used in other areas of the system.

So, for now I edited the Account User role as @Fred1 suggested, but I will continue to look into the other suggestion as it may be a smarter solution in the long run.

If @Francisco_Buendia could elaborate a bit more on this it might be helpful to others that eventually find this thread. Your added input of some additional details would be greatly appreciated by all I am sure.

Thanks again everyone.



Yes, you’re right.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve done.

I remember that on my first attempts when I needed to solved this, I added specific permissions to Sales User, but on an update all gone. So creating a new role is more secure.

That makes perfect sense.

Thank you. Now I just need to work out what exactly I need to set as check boxes for a “Sales Accounting” type role so I can then go alter all of the cashiers and outside sales users. I guess others do not worry about how much info is available to their staff. That can be scary.

Thanks again.


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We had same issue, which we would think everybody would have. Our somewhat brute force solution is to NOT give Accounts permission through role, but to do user permission for only those few accounts the person would need to enter a transaction.

can you provide more details to fully understand your solution?

  1. which business user assigned which standard roles?
  2. which transactions are allowed,
  3. which reports are allowed ? reports with output data filtered by accounts as per user permission?