How do i enable upload fields on custom doctype

Hi everyone

Hope you are well, please see attached image, how would i enable this on custom doctypes?
i want to build my forms in excel and then upload instead

of building it in erpnext? Any Answers

Hi @cmdeep,

For the Custom DocType or any base DocType, There is no feature bulk upload option.

You can use it only via the customization form.

Thank You!

hey @NCP

You always take the time to answer my questions, and i really appreciate it.

Maybe its best to ask you the easiest work around for what i am trying to achieve,

Im looking to simplify the ERP system as much as possible. I want to do this without loosing the functionaility. The best way i have found to achieve this is a combination of Role Permission Levels and Users find attached picture i used to simplyfy the quotation

That I achieved through Role Level Permissions, I still seem to have an issue with hiding mandatory standard fields, i am hoping that there is a client side script that can hide it.

I owe you a :coffee:

Thanks for all your effort with your answers. I will be posting another question regarding Quote Templates — not the erpnext templates but almost a prepoulated item list for the quote. It needs to be able to change the quantities, i think thats why it doesnt work as a bundled item for me. any thoughts, look for my post on the main board. Thanks Brother