How do I find the Custom Domain name of site1.local?

I have been approached by a local ERPNext user that tried to setup their own cloud hosted system. They used the following command to add a domain name to site1.local:

bench setup add-domain --site site1.local [sitename]

After they did this they could not reach the server using the URL they “think” they typed into the command.

I was going through my notes and couldn’t find anything telling me where I could look to see what [sitename] they assigned to the site1.local site. I tried looking in ~/frappe-bench/sites but I could only see the site1.local site listed.

Where could I look to find what they actually used in their “bench add-domain” command?

I am sure it is listed somewhere in the system. I just am not sure where to look.

Thanks in advance… :grin: Sometimes agreeing to help a friend turns out to be way more work than you ever expected.


Did you check nginx config file?

Did they use sudo bench setup nginx and sudo service nginx reload command?
You may check it at ~/frappe-bench/sites/site1.local/site-config.json

Yes. All instruction sets for how to set a custom domain include those instructions as well.
Also you are not supposed to use “sudo” with bench commands so it would actually be:

bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload


I found the information under the “server” section in:


Thanks all.