How Do I generate tokens via login api like jwt in frappe REST API

I want to generate tokens by calling an api and use it for whitelisted methods in frappe rest api.

You can use OAuth in Frappe, please check the link

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you need to create custom authentication api in which you will provide user id and password for user
and if user id and password is corect then you need to return token
for this you can use get_doc and similar apis already avialbale and for auth you can use loginmanger class in frappe app which has in built authenticate method which check userid and password is match or not

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Any idea how to create that?

you can use this and amend it as per your requirement

import frappe
from frappe.auth import LoginManager

@frappe.whitelist(allow_guest = True)
def app_login(usr,pwd):
	login_manager = LoginManager()
	if frappe.response['message'] == 'Logged In':
		user = login_manager.user
		frappe.response['key_details'] = generate_key(user)
		frappe.response['user_details'] = get_user_details(user)
		return False
def generate_key(user):
	user_details = frappe.get_doc("User", user)
	api_secret = api_key = ''
	if not user_details.api_key and not user_details.api_secret:
		api_secret = frappe.generate_hash(length=15)
		api_key = frappe.generate_hash(length=15)
		user_details.api_key = api_key
		user_details.api_secret = api_secret = True)
		api_secret = user_details.get_password('api_secret')
		api_key = user_details.get('api_key')
	return {"api_secret": api_secret,"api_key": api_key}

def get_user_details(user):
	user_details = frappe.get_all("User",filters={"name":user},fields=["name","first_name","last_name","email","mobile_no","gender","role_profile_name"])
	if user_details:
		return user_details
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Thank you so much