How do I get Customer Address on a printed receipt using Print Format?

Several years ago I used to get my customers name and address to show up on my printed thermal receipts using the following code in the print format for the receipt:

{% if(doc.show_additional_customer_details == 1) %}
	<b>Purchase Order No:</b> {{ doc.po_no }} <br>
<p style="padding-left:10px;">
	{{ frappe.get_doc("Customer", doc.customer).customer_name }}<br>
		<div class="col-lg-11 col-md-11 col-sm-11 col-xs-11" style="padding-left:10px;"> {{ doc.address_display }} </div>

{% endif %}

Since I moved to v13, this no longer works to put the customer address on the receipt.

Can anyone tell me how to change this so that I can always et the customer name and address back on my receipts?

Thank you in advance for any assistance :hugs:


@bkm, what’s the DocType for this Print Format? Sales Order? Sales Invoice?

It is actually a POS Invoice.

However, I think I figured it out anyway. The “show_additional_customer_details” setting no longer exist in v13.

So in some experimenting I just eliminated the {if}/{endif} statements at lines 18 and 35. The address started printing on the receipts again.