How do I get `request_id` or a `link_session_id`? Plaid customizations not showing up in application

I can get my bank to show up in their sandbox / customization page, showing ‘zippedy doo dah’ as a test so it’s clear what my customization is supposed to show.

My customization ‘zippedy doo dah’ is not showing up in ERPNext when I click link bank account. I have a ‘developer’ account and have used the correct secret keys.

I contacted Plaid support, they’re asking for id’s that I don’t have access to, see below… please help if you know where this info is :O)

My support message to Plaid:
I was approved for a development account, I put in the public and secret keys, and my customizations are still not showing up at all. ‘zippedy doo dah’ is not showing up nor the v2.0 greeting page.
I only have ‘transactions’ selected in my customizations, I published my changes, and they are not reflected in the application.

I still need help here, would appreciate it!

Plaid Support Jun 22, 2021

Hi Jon,

Please provide a request_id or a link_session_id from your request when you launch Plaid Link. We can look into this issue with the customization further when provided this information and be better equipped to assist you.

Best Regards,
Plaid Support

You can see my ‘zippidy’ customizations are not showing up in my screenshots:

I can’t get my bank to show up even though they’re in Plaid.

I’ve realized that this is because none of my customizations in Plaid show up in the application when I try to link a bank account.

I tried reaching out to support, but they need info that I don’t have access to. Has anyone solved a similar problem?

My screenshot proves that they work with Plaid under ‘transactions’. Does anyone have ‘ent credit union’ or just ‘ent’ show up in their Plaid link?