How do I get the information window back in Setup screens? It only stays a few seconds!

ERPNext version 8.0.42

This morning I went to the Setup area and selected “Naming Series” and when the screen came up it had some very specific instructions on how to proceed with editing the Naming Series. However, the screen disappears in about 10 to 12 seconds. I never get time to finish reading the instructions before the go away and I do not know how to get back to the information and finish reading.

This seems to happen on many of the Setup screens on your first access to them. I rebooted the server in an attempt to get the screen back on initial access and I was able to quickly do a screen grap snapshot and save it. I would really prefer to have my users know a way to get back to that information so they do not make so many mistakes when working in the Setup screens.

Here is the screen shot of what it looks like on initial use of the Naming Series screen:

The only problem is that this screen disappears after about only 10 seconds and is replaced with this screen:

There is no apparent way to get back to the information on how to use the Naming Series screens.

Can anyone tell me how to recall that screen?

Thank you,


Did u try to select a series?

Yes that seems to be case here JoEz