How do I handle a "defective item recall" by serial number?

I have been selling products that are serialized for a while and I recently had a recall notice sent to me by a vendor for several ranges of serial numbers of some of the items we sell.

How can I find out which customers I shipped these defective serial numbers?

This is one of those issues that I never considered when setting everything up. There are also products that we manufacture that uses batch numbers. I guess I should have way to track those down as well just in case we get some defective raw materials in the future that are then made into finished products.

Has anyone ever done this before?

Can anyone share a way to accomplish this huge task without having to examine each and every sales order/invoice from the past 3 years one at a time?

I would greatly appreciate advice from anyone that managed to do this in ERPNext.

Thanks in advance for your generous advice.


You can check the Serial Number master.

There will be a section which will show you the Delivery document and the customer to whom this has been sold/delivered to:

You can write a report/pass filters to generate a list of customers who the defective Serial Nos have been shipped.

For the batch, you can go to the Delivery Note/Sales Invoice list/Report, and apply a filter on the batch and item code to generate a similar list.

Whoa… That is Awesome! :exploding_head:

I did not know there was a Serial Number Master. I had never needed it before.