How do I integrate Facebook lead ads with erpnext

I made a campaign on facebook which will let facebook user apply and the end result will be a csv file that collect all that leads

according to that link

so there is some CRM that integrated with facebook lead add

so how can we do that in


Thanks Alot Dear and waiting your guids

There is feature to automatically import leads, maybe just use the CSV file to import into ERPNext

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Dears thx alot
but actually i dont understand


Get real time updates when leads are filled out. See Lead Ads with Webhooks, Video

Many CRMs provide real time updates to migrate Lead ads data into the CRMs. See Available CRM Integration.

But i didnt find erpnext in the list of those CRMs

Integration will have to be developed and listed there. It is not available right now

do we have any chance to get facebook , linkedin integration on erpnext sooner your post over one year ago and still there is no any integration, or am i wrong? please advise if there is any way now

Hi there, great you queried about this, Linkedin and Twitter are integrated BUT Facebook isn’t there. I wish there is someone to look into this seriously coz Facebook is becoming stronger and stronger and if erpnext add this feature it can make erpnext explode. And becoming most used systems by many businesses processes.

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Hi ERPNext Team
The idea to have a seamless integration for auto push of leads to ERPNext from Facebook via webhook or API is certainly need of the hour.
I also wish to have auto assignments via several methods.
Want to build it myself in-case its unavailable.
It will be really helpful if you guys can confirm on availability of such feature or guide me in building it with any headstart given that I have just started to learn the framework & the apps.

pls advice on how to set up this webhook

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Here is a doc for the hooks

Hey @revant_one @rmehta If it does help i have found an app for Facebook and Erpnext. It may be out dated but we can push it

@imbra, pls make the script fine… how can i help… pls tell…

Have you test it

@imbra - dont know if that app ever worked - I had bookmarked something similar a while back - sharing below… as suggested by @peterg - n8n has integration with fb and erpnext - you will have to host your own n8n instance… interested to know if someone has this working…

It’s working great for me!

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Hey @peterg which version of erpnext is it working for you

My team’s building the app integrated with FB, If anyone want to know more about this app can drop me a message via telegram Telegram: Contact @cuongnd065

pls accpe ttelgram request

I did not received your request

You can join this group