How do I invoice a free item?

We receive a lot of samples. Sometimes I have to pay shipping on them, sometimes they are just free. When looking at the Purchase Receipts for these items the ones that are completely free show as “Complete” but the Purchase Receipts for the items that I had to pay shipping on show as “To Bill” even after the Purchase Invoice has been created and marked “Paid”.

Any suggestions, Thanks.

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Even I’d like to know

Following to get an answer as well.


I tried to re-create the issue in my environment, but everything is working as expected.

I followed the below steps:

  1. Created the Purchase order with Zero value with line items and added courier charge $100 in the Taxes and Charges lines.

  2. Material Receipt is done against the purchase order.

  3. Booked the purchase invoice against material receipt for $100 of shipping charges and submitted.

Now Purchase order status is showing completed.


Purchase Order status does show as complete for me as well. It is the Purchase Receipt status that I am having trouble with. That shows as “To Bill”


You can go to the Purchase Receipt and click on Status and Select Close.


Divyesh Mangroliya

Yes I can manually mark it “Closed” it but every other transaction I do automatically changes to “Completed” once it is invoiced. This seems broken to me.