How do i know if I am using ERPnext master branch

Good day. I am new to ERPnext. I already installed ERPnext and tested some of its features. Our company is planning to use ERPnext for production use. ERPnext installed in our server has so much bugs though. My question is, how do i update our ERPnext to production version? I tried “sudo bench update production [user]” but when i check the version of ERPnext “about” tab, it says “ERPNext: v12.x.x-develop () (develop)”. I am so new to this. Thank you in advance.

Version 12 is currently develop branch. Master branch is v11.

Thank you @nikzz. If the stable version is v11, may i know how do i patch my ERPnext to v11? When i install ERPnext, it automatically pull the latest version which is v12 (easy install). Thank you very much.

This can help I am unable to downgrade to older versions - #3 by tmatteson

but its the fact that if going from higher to lower version, user faced lot of problems. So, if there’s any data, make sure you have a backup

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I do “bench backup” for my database. I’ll check the link. Thank you so much.