How do I know the bench is started & I can access the erpnext web

Hi Guys,

How do I know the bench is started. Below is what I get after using command “bench start”. Please advise. Thank you.

there’s an error in your requirements. run ./env/bin/pip install --force-reinstall werkzeug==0.16.0 from the bench directory or bench pip install --force-reinstall werkzeug==0.16.0 if you’re running on the latest bench. Try that and try bench start again. then it should provide a continuous log of actions.

Thank you very much for your help @gavindsouza. But, I can’t access the erpnext web from my host using or I can ping host(windows 10) ip address from ubuntu vm & from host to vm.


Did you run bench start?
( if it is development environment, you don’t need it for production)

Or for production

Hope it helps!

did you run the commands i specified to fix the errors shown in the screenshot you provided?

Hi @gavindsouza, yes, I did run the command that you provide & it works. But, when I try to access the erpnext from host, failed. I create a bridge from host(windows 10) to vm(ubuntu 18.04). Ping success from both sides. But, I can’t access the erpnext web from my host using or is ubuntu virtual machine.

are you using ERPNext in development mode?

yes, I am install it on my dev machine.

then you run bench start and that’s how you start development. The screenshot you sent earlier was the output of the same, although the process died due to some failures.