How do I link to another doctype but without using the name_field?

Is there a way to link from a field in a doctype to another doctype but not using the field_name but instead any other of the fields present? Is this possible?

Eg. Link to HR but not display EMP/000… but the actual name?

Hi, I don’t think that it is possible but you can add any other fields for searching. I mean you can search in link list by actual name. I hope you can understand what I mean. We added custom fields for displaying actual names.

@Fabrizio_Mazzoni, install GitHub - techmaxsolucoes/title_links: Frappe Hack: Links using related title, instead of name, it will replace the name by the title of the doctype, in all of your links

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Thanks will give it a go.

This looks great. Why not ask for pull request to get this added to core product?

@James_Robertson I need to manage compatibility with frappe6 so I prefer keep it as an app