How do I make returns in the new POS (v13)? - There is no sales invoice # now

Okay, I have been experimenting for a few days now with the new refactored POS. My big question is how to do returns?

My big concern about this new refactored POS is that it combines the sales for the day from a customer into a single sales invoice.

Currently we use a single customer “XYZ Walk-in” to handle all of the anonymous customers that come in every day. They pay for their purchases and take away the receipt we print out. Everything is fine. The sales invoice number is on the top of the receipt.

With the new system the receipt will only have the POS invoice number and not a real sales invoice number. So, how do we process a return if all sales for “XYZ Walk-in” were consolidated to a single sales invoice. ERPNext only allows for returns to be done against the original sales invoice, but we do not have that anymore.

If the POS invoice number is discarded after the end of the day consolidation, then how do we ever prove the sales receipt is valid? How do we match it up to a sales invoice and how do we do the return of a single item that may have been defective from a list of items the customer bought?

I cannot find any document to explain how this would work.

Can anyone clear up this confusion?


Maybe I am missing something…

Can anyone shed some light on how exactly you are handling returns in the new v13 production release if you have no Sales Invoice number on the customers receipt?


I think you can do returns from the PoS invoice document. This is the document that is giving to customers during LoS printout