How do I merge multiple ERPNext databases?

I have setup test instances on multiple servers, and now I’m looking at having them all on 1 server and with a multitenant setup.

I think this may involve merging databases, I’m not sure how though. I’m going to test different approaches, including restoring backups onto my new ERPNext server. Just wondering if there’s a straight forward way to do this.


Based on what I have done, which is similar to yours.

  1. Create/Setup Multitenant for all the sites you want to merge into the one server.
  2. By going with the Multi Tenant option, ERPNext creates a separate database for each site, which works out easier.
  3. Ensure that all instances are the same version to the Multi Tenant Instance, update the others if you have to, this will make life sooo much easier as well.
  4. Backup the other instances
  5. Upload the backup sql files to each individual site
  6. Restore each of the other instances individually to the Multi Tenant Instance

Hope this helps.


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